Body Empowerment Without Size

What comes to your mind when you hear ‘body empowerment’? Do you think about loving your body regardless of its flaws? Or maybe it is about pushing to be the best version of yourself possible? Whatever it is, why not make it into a huge part of your daily life? Liberty Active is all about empowering women regardless of size and have recently added two additional sizes, with sizes now ranging from XS to XL. So, whether you identify as a lean queen or a curvy boss, your body should always empower you to do what you want regardless of the stigmas that may be out there.

I am Melissa Karim, a big girl and no I’m not referencing to that song by Emilia, I mean it literally. At my smallest, I am still an XL. When you’re a plus size person, in a world seemingly designed for smaller people, you get enforced with the idea that many things aren’t made for you. An example of this is being active. Everywhere I look, the only people I see being active are those who aren’t plus size individuals. However, this couldn’t be further than the truth.

Something the world doesn’t tell you often is that you can be whoever you want to be. With this in mind, I have never let my body type stop me from getting moving. I’ve rock climbed, hiked up waterfalls, gone for walks that would span hours and most recently taken up pole dancing. Once when I shared with someone that I did pole dancing, they asked me if I was doing it to lose weight. The simple answer to that is no. I do it because I want to. I want to be strong. I want to feel my blood pumping.  I want to be active.

I don’t let my body rolls and thick thighs limit me. In fact, they empower me. No matter your size, remember that your heart pumps every single day without stopping and that’s impressive. Imagine what your body could achieve if you put your mind to it.

Can’t take my word for it? Listen to what these other empowered ladies have to say about it.


Amy Loh, Freelance Dancer.

Being a dancer is honestly a very demanding job as being active if a part of my everyday life. I work 7 days a week with no fixed shifts, therefore my body is required to be active and ready almost all the time. Dancing if my ultimate passion so whether if it is dancing for work or just dancing in dance classes that I take very regularly, I always make sure that my body is always moving. Besides dancing, I do home workouts to relieve my body from any sore muscles, strains, and aches. I also do home workouts to keep my body toned, or to maintain my body figure to my own personal liking. Not to forget, I do a lot of stretches every day too to keep my whole body flexible and to expand my flexibilities in order to have no boundaries when dancing.

Personally, my height is average but my body size is petite. I have a very small waist (22 inches) but I also have broad shoulders. It is honestly quite hard for me to go shopping and find the perfect clothing pieces as I am usually not able to fit nicely into tops or the bottoms are too big even if it is already the smallest size there is. However, over the years of dancing and discovering myself as a person, I learned to embrace my body and find the kind of style that fits me and my liking.

How my body empowers me to be active is when my body is completely tired, sore or generally just in pain. I know this sounds silly but I am claiming this because whenever I wake up in the morning and my body feels absolutely tired and sore (sometimes with bruises all over my body), it just makes me rather happy and motivated to get the day started; to get myself active again for the day and the upcoming days. It makes me happy because I know that my body is expanding each day. My body’s knowledge is growing from the new movements I learn for work, in dance classes or new stretching and workout routines, I would adapt from time to time etc. I think that really empowers me to stay active all the time.

For myself personally as a dancer, it is so important to keep myself active because in my industry (a highly competitive industry), my body needs to be ready for technically anything; an extreme stunt, an extreme lifting, an intense dance routine etc. For myself personally, being active is important for the growth of my mind and my body. It is also for the comfort of my being in my own skin. It makes me feel connected as a whole, that no one else can say they know my body better than I do. It truly amazes me whenever I finish a show, dance class, stretching sessions or even just simple home workouts because it makes me feel so alive and good although it is tiring and I wake up the next morning being so stiff from body aches and sore muscles.

I went through a phase before where I had no self-love for myself but I had the love that could feed a whole village, for the people around me and that was just a toxic kind of lifestyle I kept up with for a long time. Overcoming that phase, I realize that nothing is more important than having self-love. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Instead, it is actually something so beautiful. The hardest battle is your mindset but I think once you learn to love yourself, to embrace your own kind of beauty and to know the kind of activity you personally enjoy, you kind of learn to understand and accept that this is your body and you will do things your way to feel good in your own skin. It all begins with a little love towards yourself.


Ira Roslan, PR Maven, part-time DJ and does yoga, HIIT, Pilates, brisk walking, and combine multiple practices

For as long as I’ve ever known, my weight and size yo-yos. If I’m active and eat well, then it’s easy for me to whip into shape. I went through a time when I was uncomfortable with my size and worked tirelessly at it to get to my goal. I’m very real about it, though. There will be times where I fall off the wagon, and due to busy schedules, fail to maintain a good routine. When it comes to fitness, I’m just like any other person; I do sometimes go through lapses. No need to beat yourself up for it. However, after learning that I’m responsible for my own body – just get up and get to it. There’s never a work out I’ve regretted.

I’m grateful that my mind listens to my body. My body is ever-changing, and I’ll always be grateful for it – no matter what point it’s at. Your body manifests the energy it generates into positivity. Whether it’s how you feel and think, or what you see when you look in the mirror, keeping active has a direct effect on the health of your mind and your being.

Be patient with yourself. It’s easy to be discouraged, but once you get things going and begin to not look, but feel the changes, it’s absolutely empowering.


Janine Cherrie, Business woman & Part-time Boxing Instructor.

To keep active, I try to do at least 3-4 sessions a week of weight training and some light cardio. My favourite form of exercise has to be functional training and boxing, of course!

Growing up, I was always active but still was a pretty chubby kid (cause chicken nuggets were and still are life) and that went well into my teens so I was never really comfortable in my skin. It came to a point where I felt like, okay, you know what, I want to feel more confident in my body and things have to change. I have to make a change. Through 9 months of a diet & lifestyle change, I lost over 20kgs and not only did I feel great but for the first time in my life, I finally felt like I didn’t hate what I saw in the mirror. The change I made for myself empowered me to keep at it and to keep hustling. Fitness is always an ongoing process and knowing that as a fact always pushes me to better. Whether it’s to lift heavier, to punch a little harder, or to hold that headstand for just a bit longer, there is always something to work on. Knowing that my body is capable of getting better at something, that alone, to me, is extremely empowering.

It’s pretty tough to zone in on one “what” but I am grateful for my body. I am grateful for the capabilities it has to allow me to reach my limits; I am grateful for how far I can push myself to achieve fitness goals, to constantly learn and grow in my fitness journey. Also, I think I have pretty nice shoulders, haha!

It’s all about the long-term goal for me. It’s no rocket science that keeping active has a positive impact on your general health, both mentally and physically. With a dad that once suffered from hypertension & diabetes and now living a life free from both through being active, he truly is my inspiration in keeping active to make sure my health is well taken care of (and that we age gracefully in the process too!).

We all start somewhere. Don’t compare yourself to people who are further along in their fitness journey. YOU DO YOU, BABES. What I always say is, try to find something you enjoy doing and sticking to it will come easy. If you love dancing, go for a Zumba class. Always wanted to give boxing a try, check out a rhythmic boxing class. Find joy in the activity & keep at it. Prioritize consistency over intensity.

Quick tip: Find a workout buddy! It always makes the beginnings easier knowing someone’s there to have your back. Oh, and hot, new workout gear always helps too 😉


Felicia Cheong, Social Media Strategy, Outreach Team Lead and Content Creator

When it comes to fitness, I try to stay active 6 days a week (it’s pretty much a benchmark). I’m a HIIT kinda gal – I love to keep my workouts interesting because I get bored really easily. So, I do a mixture of Tribe Boxing, Playground Fitness and Revelation Republic. I LOVE strength and conditioning workouts – it makes me feel powerful lol.

Growing up, I’ve always struggled to love how I look, and I think most of us who are bigger have been there. High school can be a real pain in the ass, names were being called etc. I’ve been through weight loss pills, massive diets and realized that looking fit is not something that can be achieved in a day, because fitness is a lifestyle – it incorporates both exercise and diet – I know it sounds cliché but it makes so much sense. I think it works concurrently, the more I workout, the more I see my body progress, and the more I am empowered to be more active.

Honestly, I think it’s difficult to say, ‘I’m confident with the way I look’ when you’re a bigger-than-average-framed girl. But as I got myself more into fitness, I realized that looking ‘Instagram fit’ is WAY different than being ‘healthy fit’ and I think this is something everyone needs to understand. However, I’m SO SO grateful that I came this far in fitness. Exactly a year ago, I was SO unathletic, I signed up at Revelation Republic and completely died on my first class – I couldn’t even do a ring row! It’s crazy! I pushed myself really hard since then. Friends really helped too. Now, I’m thankful that I can go further, my stamina is much MUCH better, I’m much MUCH stronger and I actually WANT to work out lol. I’m grateful that I’m healthy, active and confident.

I’ve always thought that being active only helps the more outlook of things but keeping active really helps with our self-confidence and social anxiety. Working out makes you feel confident because you know that you’re doing something good to yourself… for yourself. It’s a very empowering feeling, to do something for yourself and not for anyone else. I love LOVE LOVE working out, I love meeting new people, understanding more about my body, keeping my mind off things.. it’s a great feeling.

Do not feel intimidated or shy ever. If you think people are judging the way you look or dress, they are not… because honestly, everyone goes to the gym to workout. Just focus on working out, improving your body. If you don’t know what is a ‘push press’, ASK. Always ask and never pretend you know, injuries may happen. No one expects you to know everything and no one is going to laugh at you. Do what you can to be the best that you can, tell a friend about your struggles, admit that you are trying and that you are struggling – trust me, sharing with your friends at the gym may give you a tip or two about fitness. Lastly, above all else, remember that you are being active for you, not for anyone else.


Hopefully, that inspires more than ever to get a move on! Plus, the addition of sizes to Liberty Active means now you can look absolutely fine when working out too. Killing two birds with one stone? Now, that’s what I call living.

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