LA x BCWA: Let’s talk about boobies

[ Read on to find out how you can do your part to raise awareness towards breast cancer ]


We all have it. From the small and perky to the big and voluptuous but when was the last time you gave yourself a breast check? Breast Cancer Awareness Month is celebrated every October, but why should it be limited to 1 month? Which is why we’ve collaborated with Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia (BCWA) for our ‘Born A Fighter’ campaign… AFTER October. We want this campaign to remind people that something as worrying as breast cancer should be in our radar 365 days a year. We launched 2 tops, Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia Tee and Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia Tank to honour those affected by breast cancer and increase the awareness of the disease. RM30 of all proceeds will go to BCWA to help in their mission of raising awareness and providing support.

We had the privilege of meeting three courageous breast cancer survivors and they’re here to share their stories.

Crystal Ng

Crystal Ng was doing a self-examination when she felt something suspicious. She followed it up with a mammogram when her  worst fear was confirmed. She had breast cancer. Crystal was struck by fright of the possibility of dying. That was back in May 2013. She’s currently in a state of remission but it took radio, chemo and targeted therapy to get her here. Despite a reoccurrence on her spine last year, her inner fighter refuses to give up. Going through that whole ordeal has taught her to treasure life more. Given the chance, she would start acting in films and who knows? We might just get the chance to see that.


Cindy Law

It was the 15th of March 2005 when Cindy Law was first diagnosed with breast cancer. Upon the news of her diagnosis, she couldn’t help but wonder whether this meant the end of the line for her. It all started when she felt lumps on her breast. It was at the first stage of breast cancer but what did that mean? It meant a mastectomy. As it was during the early stage, she didn’t need to undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Cindy didn’t allow herself to fall victim to the pain. Instead, she decided to enjoy herself while she could, live a simple life and avoid overthinking. That is the message she now chooses to spread to all she meets.


Chang Chu San

“Why me? What about my sons? How much time do I have left?” Those were the questions that plagued Chang Chu San’s mind when she first found out she had stage 2 breast cancer. A malignant lump was found on her surgical scar that she had from a breast abscess surgery.  She was filled with confusion, fear, and sadness. However, she fought away that negativity through the support of BCWA and extensive research. The success stories of survivors and activities held by BCWA gave her positivity. Unfortunately, 6 years later, she had another malignant growth on her liver. Regardless, she never gave up hope no matter how much pain she was in or how hard things had become. She said, ‘Always keep a positive mind and pray for a better day’. She believes that in life we should love and pamper ourselves more. Chu San expressed that she feels contented by even the smallest of things now, saying ‘Life can still be beautiful after breast cancer, appreciate and always be thankful and be blessed’. Now, she has hopes on traveling around the world in 80 days and if anyone could do it, we believe Chu San can!

The thing these women have in common was when they found out that they had breast cancer, they thought that that meant the end. Despite the plights endured, they came out of it triumphantly and kicked cancer’s a**. No one can deny their strength and the fact that they are absolute inspirations. They all fought hard for their life. These women are the perfect representations of our Born a Fighter campaign.

Check out our Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia Tee and Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia Tank. RM30 from each top sold goes directly to BCWA to be channeled into providing patient support, public education (through ‘Being Breast Aware’) and counseling services. Learn more about BCWA and how you can help by going to their website here.

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