Magnolia Suede Yoga Mat


A week ago, we launched our first ever collection of Yoga Mats and the response was overwhelming, leading to a sell out in just a mere 2 days! In our strife to create practical yet fun items to make your home and studio practices comfortable and enjoyable, we created the Magnolia Suede Yoga Mat.

This unique print was semi inspired by the artistry of Wes Anderson, depicting fun, colour and vibrancy, with the intention of creating that sense of joy whilst you workout. We wanted this to be a reminder of the journey your body, mind and soul has been through, and how your practices have led you to find joy within.

The mat surface is made of high quality suede, that is soft and absorbent. For better grip, we advise lightly spraying the mat with water. The back of the mat is made of natural rubber, providing the anti-slip element and resistance to your surface.

Comes with: Adjustable mat carrier straps and a mat care guide.

Yoga mat care: Clean with wet towel or sanitise with Oxidat Disinfectant Spray. Dry it out in shaded area, avoid direct sun exposure which will cause fading of print.

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