Named in honour of Victoria Beckham, formerly known as ‘Posh Spice’ of Spice Girls. We think Victoria is the ultimate style queen which is why we designed a set that was feminine yet powerful to depict those elements. The Victoria Set (Teal Green) includes the Victoria V-Neck Bra (Teal Green) and Victoria Triple Colourblock Legging (Teal Green)

Victoria V-Neck Bra (Teal Green)

This V-Neck Bra with open back design allows you to show off both your bold and dainty side. Throw on a cute sheer top or crop top to style it after you’re done killing your workout!

Victoria Triple Colourblock Legging (Teal Green)

This full length legging with two gradients of grey and teal green adds life to your wardrobe! Its high-waist support was designed for extra security and coverage. This set is suitable for workouts like weight training, running, indoor cycling and barre.