Are you a yoga enthusiast? Do you like to work on your core strength? If the answer is yes, then having a high-quality yoga mat is necessary. A good yoga mat is crucial in keeping your yoga sessions safe and grounded, or even when you are working on your core at the gym.

Although most of the yoga mats available in the market look almost the same, they are uniquely designed to work best for different physical needs and workouts. Thus, in purchasing a yoga mat, be sure to find one that works best for you.

We have come up with two types of yoga mats – PU and Suede at an affordable price, all under RM250. Whether it is yoga, pilates, HIIT, our mats were made to absorb impact to provide you a comfortable workout experience. It also comes with carriers should you want to bring your own mats to the studio.

PU Rubber Yoga Mats

These mats are designed to be anti-slip, with extra grip and resistance for your home and studio workouts. Its thickness and top Polyurethane layer was built for extra cushioning and impact absorption to protect your joints during practices.


Suede Yoga Mats

These mats are designed with fun, unique prints with the intention of creating joy whilst you workout. The surface is made of high-quality suede that is soft and absorbent. The bottom natural rubber provides anti-slip and resistance. These mats are usually limited edition so get your hands on them quick!


Why Do You Need a Anti Slip Yoga Mat?

Safety – Yoga mats are necessary as they work to provide cushion protection and slip-resistance to users while working out.

Comfort – Besides safety, yoga mats are great for convenience. With a cushioned mat, your joints and bones are protected from injury. Additionally, yoga mats work best as insulation to keep your body from hot or cold surfaces.

Hygiene – Especially during the pandemic, you do not want to be working out on the floor, not knowing whether it has been regularly cleaned and sanitised. Yoga mats help to provide you with extra protection.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Yoga Mat

  • Size

    The standard yoga mat size is about 68 x 24 inches. However, more oversized yoga mats are available for those who seem to need more space while working out. Additionally, a yoga mat in a bigger size gives you extra space between your neighbours while working at the gym, ensuring additional protection and convenience when doing poses.

  • Thickness

    The thickness of your yoga mat indicates its stability and cushion protection. A thicker yoga mat will provide you with more protection to the joints while working out. A thinner yoga mat, on the other hand, will provide users with stability. So, remember to choose the thickness of your yoga mat according to your preference and physical needs.

  • Material

    The most common materials used in yoga mats are PVC (polyvinyl chloride), TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), and natural rubber. Each material has its advantages and downsides. If you want an eco-friendly yoga mat’s material, go for TPE. If you want a yoga mat that is easy to clean and has a longer shelf life, go for PVC, although the material is not eco-friendly. Natural rubber (PU), on the other hand, gives users a high slip-resistant mat.

    There are other types of materials involved in making a yoga mat, such as EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), Suede, Cotton and Wool. Be sure to know which material serves you best.

  • Cell Type

    There are two types of cell in yoga mats, open and closed. Open-cell mats are porous and absorb sweat and moisture effectively. In contrast, closed-cell mats are ideal for lower-intensity practices, as they do not absorb moisture. If you enjoy high-intensity workouts, open-cell mats are the best option. However, it needs to be cleaned every after sessions to prevent odour and bacteria growth.

  • Texture

    Do you know how yoga mats can get sticky? Ideally, you would want a sticky yoga mat to prevent you from slipping, but not too sticky that it hinders your movement. It would be best to choose a yoga mat with the right texture that fits best with your routine and your sweaty palms and feet.

Get Anti Slip Yoga Mat from Liberty Active

There is a wide range of yoga mats available in the market. You can take your pick to suit your preferences and values. Choosing an eco-friendly yoga mat will also benefit your health. Some yoga mats are recyclable or are made from recycled materials.

At Liberty Active, we have helped you find and pick the best yoga mats for you. Head over to our website to shop the best yoga mats suitable for your preferences and workout routines.