How to Avoid Overeating this Chinese New Year

How to Avoid Overeating this Chinese New Year

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Ah, the good ole Chinese New Year celebrations. A time for open houses, gambling and mouth-watering snacks. Mix into that some family time and you have a pretty busy time of the year -- and a time of year where your healthy eating choices get thrown out quicker than you gamble your red packet money away. No doubt the holidays are a time to treat yourself but that does not always equate to overeating. Here are some tips on how to minimise the over-indulgence this Chinese New Year 1) Don't go to an event with an empty stomach Our eyes tend to be bigger than our stomachs when they're empty so cavewoman mode could ensue during these times. Before making your Chinese New Year rounds, have something light with nutrients and fibre like a mandarin orange. That way, you'll curb the hunger whilst waiting for your 56th grandaunt to arrive before digging into the scrumptious dishes. If you're craving for something savoury, those roast cashew nuts will do the trick. 2) Drink lots of water Not only does water aid in digestion, but it also balances out the high sodium intake during all that festive feasting. Needless to say, it fills you up faster so drinking a few gulps during your feast will prevent excessive consumption. 3) Mind your portions Ration your favourite foods by eating in smaller portions. Focus on healthier, well balanced, dishes like lean meats, fruits and vegetables. Those who observe vegetarianism this festive season are sure to be safe. 4) Eat slowly Most goodies tend to be bite-sized like those pineapple tarts. Gulping them in one bite can be dangerous, literally and metaphorically. Instead, try to savour them in a few bites. Did you know your brain takes 20 minutes to process that you are full? That's a lot of time to stuff your face before realising you are actually full to the brim so take it slow on the bak gwa and kuih kapit. 5) Observe conscious snacking Usually, it's the unconscious nibbling that will cause that extra few inches in your waistline post Chinese New Year. Hide the cookie jars whilst you are indulging in an activity like gambling or catching up on Aunty Lee's gossip session as you will find yourself accidentally finishing a whole tub of mini shrimp rolls. Whilst we are on the topic of snacks, here's a guide on the calories those goodies are hiding.

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Of course you are allowed to enjoy the festive season as it only comes once a year but we are just sharing these helpful tips we have learnt over the years to save ourselves from remorse post Chinese New Year.

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