Drugstore Makeup for your Work Out

Drugstore Makeup for your Work Out

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Get your complete look from your work to the gym and go beyond your 9 - 5 routine.

Here’s how you can look your best without breaking the bank!

Kat wears the Victoria V Neck Bra


Image Source: https://catrice.eu/my-ms/muka/solekan-asas/butiran/catrice-cosmetics/hd-liquid-coverage-foundation-010.html

You’ll need this. For every makeup, it needs to start with a good base.

Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation gives you the perfect mix of lightweight and non-oily texture for a coverage up to 24 hours. It’s ‘High Definition’ mattifying finish will give you that camera ready skin even when you sweat!

Now, let the camera snap away!

Guardian Price: RM42.90


Image Source: https://catrice.eu/my-ms/muka/penyamar-noda/butiran/catrice-cosmetics/camouflage-cream-015.html

With the right foundation, you’ll need the right concealer. Pair Catrice’s HD Liquid Coverage Foundation with its Camouflage cream and your on your way doing your workouts without worrying. The Camouflage cream is waterproof when it’s finished off with a light powdering, giving you the sweat-proof makeup.

Guardian Price: RM17.90

Eyeshadow, Eyeliner and Eyebrows

Lakme’s 9to5: https://www.amazon.in/Lakme-Color-Quartet-Shadow-Desert/dp/B006LX9GSW

In2it Eyeliner

It’s all about the eyes…and eyebrows! Bring out the glow and fire in your eyes by enhancing it with Lakme’s 9to5 quartet eyeshadow palette and In2it waterproof, mattifying, 24 hour wearing eyeliner. This two combination will give your eyes the magic it needs by not smudging and not leaving the ‘panda eyes’ effect.

Guardian Price (Eyeshadow): RM31.88

Guardian Price (Eyeliner): RM19.35

For the finishing touch, don’t miss out on getting that ‘on-fleek’ eyebrows! Draw your eyebrows out with Catrice’s Eyebrow Stylist and make those brows look extra amazing with Palladio’s Brow Gel. Sweat dripping but that’s okay, because your eyebrows are game strong.

Eyebrow Pencil: https://guardian.com.my/index.php/pbrand/catrice/catrice-eye-brow-stylist-030-brow-n-eyed-peas.html

Eyebrow Gel: : https://www.hermo.my/mall/26287-palladio-herbal-clear-brow-gel-8ml/?ucf=-mallListing

Hermo Price (Brow Gel): RM30.10

Guardian Price (Eyebrow Pencil): RM15.50

Contour and Highlight:

Image Source: https://catrice.eu/my-ms/muka/bronzer-pengkonturan-wajah/butiran/catrice-cosmetics/professional-make-up-techniques-face-palette-010.html

Guardian Price: N/A

Lastly, adding the final touches for that high intensity workout and no smudge makeup! Here’s the all in one contour and highlight palette that’ll give you the extra warmth to your skin and the extra glow ✨