Styling Activewear 101

Styling Activewear 101

We’ve recently released our latest collection, The Desirables which is bold and daring yet soft and alluring. These colourful pieces have got us all worked up and feeling inspired to push activewear that little bit further. Who said that activewear must be bound purely to the gym? We think incorporating activewear into your daily wardrobe can transform your look from “Meh” to “H*ll Yeah!” The Desirables are great as basics and if styled well, absolute showstoppers.

Here are some ideas and tricks to help you step up your activewear game.

Sports Bra

Let’s start with the sports bra. This is a piece of clothing that people usually hide but with them getting prettier and prettier, it would be such a shame not to show them off. Especially, Liberty Active's Desire X-Back Bra with its stunning crossed back.


Do you wear your activewear tops out? If you said "No" then let us change your mind. By doing so, you'll be getting more uses out of one article of clothing while also looking super cute with Allure Long Sleeve Top.


Let's face it, nothing is more comfortable than a good pair of leggings. It allows for free movement, safety from the accidental flashing and most importantly, it's dance-off ready. Covet Basic Leggings and Desire V-Waist Leggings has got your back for all of those.


Using activewear sets are a surefire way of feeling and looking amazing during a workout. However, can that be translated into an everyday outfit? We surely think so! Grab a Desire Set and watch as you accomplish both. If you're looking for sweatshirts, Dimepiece is a great place to start looking.

How do you style your activewear on a day-to-day basis? Let us know in the comments below. Also, we'd love to see how you curate an outfit with items from The Desirables collection. Head over to our Facebook to share your looks there. Happy styling!