Trending Workouts for 2019

Trending Workouts for 2019

Do you have any fitness related goals for 2019? If you said yes, then keep at it!  And if you said no, maybe we’ll change your mind after this. 😉 Fitness shouldn’t be a drab. If it is, you may not have found the right kind of activity that suits you. Staying fit doesn’t purely have to be you running on a treadmill till you start questioning your existence. It can be anything that gets you up and about. Here are some trendy new things you may try out this new year. Let’s start with classes that would excite the laziest couch potato. Boga Fit

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How does standing on a float board in a pool, testing your balancing skills while working out sound to you? In 2019, we’ll be seeing a lot of HIIT hybrids and Boga is no exception. It is basically yoga with HIIT on a Fit Mat in the water. As it’s in the water, it has a low impact and is great for those who are afraid of hurting their joints in the long run. Think of the worst-case scenario, you’ll fall into the pool but I believe that to be a treat to a lot of people, especially with the upcoming Chinese New Year weather. Check out the classes held by Babel hereXtend Barre

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If the possibility of getting wet doesn’t tickle your fancy, maybe being a ballerina might. Xtend Barre is a beautiful marriage of the core strengthening of Pilates with the cardio of ballet. Believe me when I say that it’s for everyone. They even teach pregnant mothers. If mommas with little babies in their bellies can do it, we’re positive you could too! Classes are curated by Urban Spring. Learn more here. New gyms are constantly starting up and it’s hard to keep up, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back! These up and coming gyms will make you wish you’ve heard of it sooner. Flyclimb @ JW Marriott KL

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The popular Flyproject has opened yet another gym but at JW Marriott this time. Their fourth gym focuses mainly on Flyclimb, a full body workout that involves climbing up to 6500ft on a Versa climber. This workout is the highest calorie burner in the world with 660 calories burnt per 30 minutes. Even Lebron James swears by it! Check them out hereCirque

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This gym resembles more of a night club than the traditional workout space. It is a 50 minutes group circuit workout, all about HIIT, strength training & metabolism boosting. They are currently having an offer, RM65 for 3 classes. What a steal! Classpass

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A few of you may have already heard of the well-known monthly subscription fitness app from the United States. But if you have not, they set foot in here sometime in October 2018 with 170 (and growing) gyms to choose from. Be adventurous and try out a new class this year! Psst, the first two weeks are free! Maybe all these classes and gyms sound way too daunting or your wallet just wouldn’t allow it, in that case, maybe 2019 is your year for a fitness app. That way you’ll be able to keep to your goals regardless of your budget or location. Asana Rebel

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You already know that it’s a great start when an app gives you a personalized workout plan based on your weight, height and year you were born. Although this is a paid app at around €13 per month, it is catered to for you and your body. Workouts range from anything as short as 5 minutes to a whole hour. J&J Official 7 Minute Workout

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This is THE perfect app for you if you’re a beginner or really strapped for time. As the name of the app suggests, programs in this app are only 7 minutes long. It gives you an explanation of what to do and even offers a warm up or cool down. You may also input your fitness level into the app to ensure it’s on par with you. Whichever you think suits you best, I highly suggest putting on some bomb-a** music that will kick you into gear and pump you up for your workouts. Hop onto Spotify and give Beast ModeMotivation Mix, and Hype a go. Which is your favourite playlist? Let us know below. Here’s some fun music trivia to look back on 2018 as according to Spotify.

  • ‘All About That Bass’ by Meghan Trainor was the top workout song for those 55 and over.
  • The top 5 countries for workout music are Finland, Sweden, Ireland, United Kingdom, and New Zeland
  • The top workout song for women is ‘Uptown Funk’ by Bruno Mars ft. Mark Ronson and for men, it is ‘Till I Collapse’ by Eminem.

You’re armed with great workout ideas and stellar playlists. Now, the only thing holding you back is you. Go out there and prove to yourself that 2019 is the year that you take control of your fitness. We wish you the best of luck.