Trending Workouts & Playlists 2018 (quiz at the end!)

Trending Workouts & Playlists 2018 (quiz at the end!)

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One good thing about music - when it hits you, you feel no pain - Bob Marley

I'm not sure about you but one thing about listening to music while I work out is that it helps time pass that much faster. I even count my reps using tune minutes! According to Spotify's listening data that was recently published, streaming of workout playlists increase right after 1 January and reaches its peak around the 24th day of the month. After which, the streaming subsides and levels off on Valentine's Day. If you're looking to oppose the trend, keep grinding past 14th Feb! (keep reading till the end to test your music streaming skills!) These are some workouts you can try out, with dope curated playlists to accompany that grind (tried and tested, I assure you! 😉):


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Location: Level 1, Damansara City Mall, Damansara Town Centre, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia What is it?: Flyproject's boxing class incorporates modern day methods of shadowboxing, heavy bag work, basic boxing techniques and combinations - all with rhythm. You can expect a high intensity, full body burn with intervals, punching combinations and interval training. Who is it good for?: Multi level Which part of your body it works: Mostly your core, shoulders and arms. Cost: Trial classes are ongoing for free till Jan 16. Reveal your free redemption here W: | FB: | IG:


Location: Chi-X Nexus Bangsar South What is it?: Akin to its name, Grid involves high intensity circuit training within grids. Each grid poses a different action, targeted towards strength, agility and mobility. Who is it good for?: More seasoned fitness enthusiasts. Which part of your body it works: Your whole body. Be sure to walk out those doors feeling like jelly. Cost: Xplorer membership with full access gym and to all classes at RM149/month. Flexible passes also available from RM40 each onwards. W: | FB: CHiFitness | IG: @chi_fitnessmalaysia


Location: Retail Level 2, Nadi Bangsar, 6 Jalan Tandok, 59100 Kuala Lumpur What is it?: As advocates of fun fitness, The Playground Fitness crafts a messy game where speed, endurance and agility are at PLAY. Get in the sweet spot where their results-driven programs lead you to a leaner version of yourself. You are in for a treat to experience The Playground Obstacle Courses as a finisher to your workout - check out the Liberty Obstacle Challenge version at our Fitmas Party here Who is it good for?: Anyone looking to spice up their workouts! Which part of your body it works: Full body! But it's so fun that you forget about the pain. Cost: Walk-ins start from RM39. Various passes available here. W: | FB: | IG:


Location: No. 90A, Lorong Maarof Bangsar, Wilayah Persekutuan, 59000 Kuala Lumpur What is it?: Low-intensity meets high-intensity in this well-rounded workout which combines pilates and boxing. You have to try it to believe that this combo works! Which part of your body it works: Arms, shoulders, core Who is it good for?: Anyone who can't decide if they should do pilates or boxing - so do both! Cost: Walk-ins start from RM35. Packages available upon enquiry. W: | FB: ActivStudioBangsar | IG: @activstudio Now that you've worked out a sweat reading through those workouts, let's put your Spotify streaming skills to the test...
If you're in need of some motivating tunes - don't forget to check out these trending workout playlists from Spotify. My personal faves are Beast Mode, Workout Remix & Latin Dance Cardio when I feel like putting my salsa shoes on. Enjoy! Keep sparkling, Becca Co-Founder