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Tips: How to pick the best Sports Bra for all workouts

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A sports bra is a woman's undergarment that supports a woman's breasts during physical exercise. Sturdier than typical bras, a sports bra minimizes breast movement and alleviates discomfort. Many women wear sports bras to reduce pain and physical discomfort caused by breast movement during exercise.

How to Find the Right Sports Bra?

Getting the right sports bra can make exercise a less painful experience, and to a significant extent, it prevents breast movement while working out, which may lead to discomfort and pain. A sports bra should fit comfortably around the upper torso and be slightly tighter than a regular bra as it works to prevent breast movement during high-intensity activity.

When getting a sports bra, remember to allow two fingers to fit between the straps and your shoulders and check if there are wrinkles on the fabrics. Wrinkles on the fabrics typically indicate that the cup is too big.

When you are unsure of the right bra size for a sports bra, it is wise to take a new measurement to get the sports bra's right fit before purchasing. In the right fit of a sports bra, your breasts should feel secured without too many movements.

Rib Cage Measurement

Take a rib cage measurement under your bust and round it down to the closest inch. Rib cage measurement is essential in knowing the right cup and band size.

Sports Bra Band Size

As mentioned above, a rib cage measurement is required to figure out your band size as below.

Rib Cage Measurement Band Size
25” - 27” 30
27” - 29” 32
29” - 31” 34
31” - 33” 36
33” - 35” 38
35” - 37” 40
37” - 39” 42
39” - 41” 44

Sports Bra Cup Size

Next is finding out your cup size. There are two steps in figuring this out. Firstly, you need to measure your full bust measurement. Secondly, you need to subtract your rib cage measurement from your bust measurement. The differences indicate your cup size. Round up to the closest inch if required.

Rib Cage - Bust Measurement (inches) Cup Size
3” AA
4” A
5” B
6” C
7” D
8” DD
9” E
10” F

Benefits of Sports Bra

Continuous and repetitive breast movement will eventually lead to soreness and sagging. Thus, every woman needs to own a sports bra as it is made to reduce movement and protect the breasts, among many other reasons.

  • Protection and support of breasts
  • Provide comfort during physical activity
  • Reducing breasts pain
  • Regulate sweat and temperature control
  • Reduce long-term sagging

When to Wear a Sports Bra?

Sports bras are designed to provide low, medium, and high supports, depending on the sport's impact level.

  • Low-Impact Activities

    low impact sports bra

    Low impact sports such as yoga, walking, swimming, and strength training typically require a low support sports bra with lighter weight and narrower strap and bands.

  • Medium-Impact Activities

    medium impact sports bra

    Activities like skiing, hiking, and road cycling require a sports bra that will restrict breasts movement more than a low support bra does. These types of activities need wider bands and straps of sports bras.

  • High-Impact Activities

    high impact sports bra

    High-impact activities like running, mountain biking, and high-intensity workouts will require a sports bra with the highest support and most comprehensive bands and adjustable shoulder straps.

Taking Care of Your Sports Bra

A sports bra's elasticity is essential in keeping the undergarment useful to provide comfort and prevent pain and sagging of breasts. This is why it is necessary to take care of your sports bra to lengthen its life and preserve its elasticity for as long as you can.

Avoid washing your sports bra in a washing machine, and avoid using a dryer and fabric softener, which will kill its moisture-wicking fabrics. However, if hand washing your sports bra is too much for you, get it in a lingerie bag before you put it in a washing machine.

Additionally, it is best to buy a special laundry detergent for sportswear to better care for your sports bra and other sports attire.

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