Movement Control Order Series - Part 1

Movement Control Order Series - Part 1

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If you previously had not known how the Instagram Live function works, you probably do now.

If you had not heard about Zoom, Google Hangout, Skype or Slack prior to this Movement Control Order now implemented in hundreds of countries, you probably have now.

In the past few weeks, there has been a plethora of fitness content distributed out there on every social media channel possible. We applaud that there has been effort to aid the public in maintaining an active lifestyle given the lack of movement and mobility we are usually able to enjoy outside the perimeters of our abode.

If you're unable to commit to an Instagram Live workout, or if you are one to follow a workout at your own pace, here are some programmes / accounts for you to checkout during this Movement Control Order period:

From our own #LAgirls community


Wen Li and Janine are no strangers to the KL fitness community, with their instructorship at boutique fitness studios; Tribe Boxing and Union Strength. The duo had initially plan for a community event but due to the recent MCO, turned it into a virtual workout and produced IGTV workout videos instead. We love that their instructions are clearly depicted and there is even a countdown timer for each move.

If you're missing some face time, they have even launched a few intimate SWEAT classes via Zoom where you can connect with both co-founders and watch everyone else workout together. Watch out for their next sessions here.

2. @foodiefitnessinkl

Maryam is a Booty Camp instructor at The Linc KL-based boutique gym, Passion Fit. You may recognise her from the Power Collection launch video or her specially curated Booty Pump video for us. Check out her channel for glute-building, peach-shaping workouts.

3. @gayagetsfit

Source: @gayagetsfit

Whether you are looking to flow, or for a short but effective session, Gaya has got you. Check out her Quarantine calendar, as well as other challenges from previous weeks on her channel. A bonus is that she always cooks up a healthy storm so be sure to follow her for those recipes.

4. @raylowern

Source: @raylowern

Working out at home may seem simple but can also be hazardous as I have encountered thanks to my sparkly floors at home. Rachel is a fitness coach who focuses on movement control (no pun intended!) and mastering fundamentals before attempting any extraordinary moves. Check it out for refreshing content and a dose of entertainment thanks to a cameo of her "twin", Lazy Ray.

From the KL Boutique Fitness Studios

No doubt the boutique fitness studios have also jumped on the bandwagon to cater to the public's needs by offering all sorts of fitness content on Instagram. Here is the chance to finally try out that fitness studio you've been wanting to set foot into.

  1. @theflowstudio

After launching several IGTV videos, The Flow Studio has launched Flow From Home that delivers 34 classes in the form of videos to you daily, catering from strong physical practices that’ll strengthen the body to grounding yin & meditation to calm the mind. The investment is only RM199 (pre-SST) and we are excited to jump on this!


If you are missing the taste of spinning, you can now rent your own bike during this MCO period for just RM99/day (pre-SST). There will be Flycycle routines published on their channel daily for you to party to!

3. @urbanspringpilates

Barre without a bar? Try it out on Urban Spring's channel. Or if you're looking for something chill, to stretch or extend, their workout videos have got you!


If you are looking for a challenge, Fire Station has got the 10-day challenge to keep you on your toes. How many can you do in a day? Or how many rounds? Take up the challenge and let us know!

5. @alohacycleclub

Throughout this period, Aloha Cycle is focusing on their Signature Strength and Conditioning moves. There is also a 10-exercise challenge for you to follow through and we hope you do!



If you ever thought that you need boxing gloves for their sessions, you now can participate in their live workout guaranteed to leave your arms feeling jelly.



Unleash your inner dancer within the comfort of the four walls of your home with the Babel Dance team. They have published videos on Youtube that you can learn in your own time. We'll be tuning in for sure! If you are just looking for dance entertainment, follow their Dance Homewerk to get you grooving!

From Across the Globe

  1. @blogilates
Source: @blogilates

I personally have been following Cassey way before the boutique fitness scene burgeoned in KL and it is great to have the time to rejoin her workout plans again! I am taking up the 14-Days Quarantine Workout Plan and let me tell you, it's no easy feat!

2. @rrayyme

Source: @rrayyme

Remi is my ultimate girl crush for many reasons and I am beyond excited that her channel now has unlimited fitness videos to choose from! Most of the workouts include plyometric movement, lots of core strength and functional motion. There is always something new to try out and that is why we are loving the videos she is blessing us with!

3. @toneitup

Source: @toneitup

Katrina and Karena have been our favourite fitness duo since forever and we are so touched by their generosity in opening up the Tone It Up app for free until April 22nd. If you're looking for cardio quickies, sculpting, and toning then do give their app a try. Let us know what you think on Instagram, too.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by all the workout videos out there, we feel you! We suggest: 1) drawing out a workout plan (don't forget rest days, too!), 2) listing out what you'd like to focus on this period, 3) start with mastering your fundamental moves

Most importantly, stay safe whilst working out and breathe! We hope to see you real soon. Till then.